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I was lucky enough to be briefly introduced to Ayurveda at a young age by my dad, a farmer and soil scientist who has always been tuned into the wonders and processes of nature. He shared with me  knowledge of alternative ways of healing, through nature, like Ayurveda, and I  listened awestruck. I shared his love for the natural world and went on to  receive my Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Palm Beach Atlantic University and later my massage therapy license. The nature of how things work and the parallels between the phenomena of our external world and internal one has always been  a curiosity of mine. As a student of biology, a 
holistic approach to medicine always made sense to me. To look at the body as a walking ecosystem and understand processes occurring, one must look at all aspects of the ecosystem as if one were looking at the ecosystem of a forest. What happens to a tree effects every leaf of that tree; it affects neighboring trees, and eventually the entirety of the forest. Similarly and simultaneously, one change in a single cell of the human body, one thought in the mind, may influence all organ systems, like the ripple effect of a pebble tossed into a pond. Looking at the human body as a mind, a body, and a spirit striving to exist in harmony with nature is the most direct path to peace and wellness.
Our Value

Why We Are Different

Our empathy and understanding comes from direct experience, having found solice and strength through Ayurveda to heal from addiction, anxiety, and fear.  And with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, (FDN) we aim to identify the underlying causes of health issues and provide you a personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendation.
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Message From Maggie

I Strive to Help People Find Their Health

I was drawn to Ayurveda to heal myself, but now I want nothing more than to share this beautiful, sacred science with all those that are willing to listen. Ayurveda gives us the means to heal in every sense of the word and I hope to help you do just that.

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 You have nothing to lose ... Start Now by creating your personalized health journey!
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