Shirodhara, What it is and How it Can Bring Serenity to Your Busy Lifestyle

Importance of Shirodhara in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is defined as the holistic and nurturing science of longevity and well-being and has been in practice in India for thousands of years. Found in several Vedic scriptures, Ayurvedic components have the power to improve health, enhance the soul and promote emotional balance. Most Ayurvedic practices are done with the help of different herbs, oils, spices and other similar natural components. Shirodhara is one such Ayurvedic practice that not only heals the mind and body but also brings them to one harmonious level.

What is Shirodhara?

A classic Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara is hailed as one of the most rejuvenating and purifying treatment processes. Shirodhara is designed in a way that not only eliminates toxins from an individual’s body but also removes mental exhaustion and stress and also cures several other disorders. In this therapy, warmed medicated decoctions, medicated oils or other liquids are poured on the forehead steadily so that it induces a relaxed state of mind. The whole process aspires to achieve a psychosomatic balance in the individual. When undergoing the Shirodhara treatment, one would feel totally relaxed, mental lucidity and a rich experience of the soul connecting with the body.

Different types of Shirodhara

In Ayurveda, Shirodhara is advised to someone when there is found an aggravation of Pitta and Vata Doshas in body and mind. The therapy focuses on the third eye, i.e., the center of the forehead where stimulation and balance of the pituitary and pineal gland occurs. The feeling of the oil slowly dripping on the forehead creates a meditation-like effect on the person. This leads to an aura of stillness in the mind, thereby diffusing tension and stress from the brain.

There are different types of Shirodhara therapy. Take a look at the following to know about them:

  1. Taila Dhara - Herbal oils are mixed with essential oils or herbal extracts in Taila Dhara. This mostly balances the Vata Dosha in the body.
  2. Takra Dhara - Useful for balancing the Pitta Dosha, Takra Dhara uses an infusion of buttermilk and special herbs. This also helps to maintain homeostasis.
  3. Ksheer Dhara - Milk mixed with herbs becomes medicated and is poured over the head. Ksheer Dhara controls the Pitta and Vata Doshas.
  4. Kwath Dhara - Various herbs are used to make decoctions needed for Kwath Dhara. This therapeutic oil balances the Kapha and Vata Doshas.
  5. Jala Dhara - Clean normal water or coconut water is used in Jala Dhara. This is suggested when the matter is about bringing down the excessive heat of one’s body.

Why is Shirodhara practiced?

Shirodhara eliminates mental toxins and purifies the doshas by bringing them to a proper balance. The therapy stimulates the major points on the head so that blood circulation is enhanced. As the Ayurvedic medicine is massaged on the scalp, the medicated oils infuse deep into the head and give a sense of ultimate comfort and relaxation. This process goes as deep as into the internal peripheral nerves of the forehead.

Shirodhara has lots of health benefits. Get in touch with an Ayurveda professional at Susama Ayurveda to know how this therapy can improve your overall being.

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